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In addition to ensuring good quality agricultural inputs are used and agricultural systems are functioning effectively in order to minimise food shortages, there is also the challenge of storing and selling produce. The challenges encountered in this area have historically centred around the lack of consultation between development agencies or governments and communities about the best location for grain storage huts, poor quality construction of storage areas and the lack of suitable market areas to sell produce. Through monitoring, issues such as these have been resolved and markets with all the necessary amenities have actually been constructed after communities have requested money for this to ensure their livelihoods.

Projects in Agriculture

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Farmers' Rest Area Palestine $30,376 Battir Muncipality , PARC George Khoury Constructions
Rehabilitation and Improvement of Buluto Irrigation Scheme Timor Leste $14,625,432 The Japanese Goverment Grant Aid Project Japan International Coorporation Agency and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Regeneration Lake Tanganyika Democratic Republic of the Congo $13,440 Slow Food International Slow Food Tanganyika
Reconstruction of Primary Pasture Road in Dobolu Village Kyrgyzstan $10,452 PSAKFE MSDSP KG
Improving Livestock Health in Kazan-Kuigan village Kyrgyzstan $16,059 PSAKFE 2 Pasture Users Association of Kazan-Kuigan village
Installation of a Bukavu coffee tasting laboratory Democratic Republic of the Congo $40,000 USAID Office Nationale du Café
Agriculture Cold Storage Afghanistan $231,000 World Bank Afghan Cooling CC
Construction of public market in Kavimvira Democratic Republic of the Congo N.A. DRC Government PRODAP
Construction of store room in Runingu Democratic Republic of the Congo N.A. DRC Government FEC